Nonna, che cosa si mangia oggi?

Nonna, what are we eating today? On a usual Saturday morning in my teens, Nonna was up early, making home made pasta.  My Nonna, Delia, lived with us, and as a young girl my memories of her circle around food. Her specialty was ciriole, a hand-made thick, spaghetti-like pasta.   Lunch at the table was a

The Universal Love Language

Recipes/Blog Food is a universal love language.  It’s why only a year ago I shifted gears completely and had a career change, deciding that I wanted to share the magic of food. It really did move me from a desire to find a new career, to what I now call “my calling in life.”   Food

The Paradox of Slowing Down to Speed Up

Recipes/Blog Previous Next Holy shit!  I don’t know what is happening this year, but it is moving at lighting speed!  And to be honest I’ve never felt so busy.  Be honest:  are you busy?  And is it working for you? In today’s world so many of us wear busy like badge of honor.  If you’re


A CONNECTED HEART-FELT WEEKEND A week ago, I ran my first plant-based cooking retreat at Woody Grove Retreat, Mapleton. What an absolute privilege it was. And I don’t say that lightly. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I’d be leading a retreat of my own. Let’s be honest, I’ve been a

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