Cauliflower and Tofu Tikka Masala

Recipes/Blog Marrying into an Indian family 20 years ago, Indian cuisine has become something I have grown to love over time.  Having been born into an Italian family my palate was very accustomed to Mediterranean cuisine, and adjusting to new flavours took some time.Now I must say that Indian cuisine is on the top of

Lentil and Walnut Bolognese Lasagna

Recipes/Blog Let’s dive right into a classic favourite – Lasagna. I mean, who doesn’t have a soft spot for those layers of pasta, sauce, and deliciousness? This isn’t your typical Bolognese Lasagna. This is my plant-based/vegan bolognese version that’s about to give your taste buds a wholesome ride. So, let’s get cooking and create a

Involtini di Melanzane

Involtini di Melanzane

Recipes/Blog Involtini di Melanzane is a beautiful meatless dish.  When you eat Involtini de Melazane you feel the nourishment and love that its ingredients have. It’s light dish and extremely tasty.   Involtini di Melanzane needs some preparation time, but worth every single minute.  Eggplant Involtini is a vegan dish with eggplant and thinly sliced

Entire Roast Pumpkin with Brown Rice

Recipes/Blog So, I’m on a bit of  pumpkin roll lately – with vegetables as pricey as they are right now – buying an entire pumpkin (at only 99c a kilo) means you can create loads of dishes and very cost effectively.  And besides, who’s not obsessed with pumpkin. What I love about this dish is