Our Collection of E-Cookbooks

Here at Wholesome Bellies, our intention is to inspire you to fall in love with vegetables.  To give you the confidence to make more food from scratch, and get more plants on your table!  Here are some resources to get you started!  Some for free, some for a small fee.  And if you’re ready to take a deeper dive, then check out our huge range on hands on cooking classes HERE.

The Cookbook - A Plant-based Journey
77 Recipes, 100% Plant-based

Hi, I'm Fi, Founder of Wholesome Bellies, Brisbane's only plant-based, exclusive cooking school!

To say I'm proud of this book is an understatement. I've been working on this, in my mind, for a decade, and it's an absolute honour to share my recipes with you, in this way.

Each recipe has a story, some recipes come from my family (infused with my plant-based twist) others from my childhood. Some have come to me in my dreams, and some are purely trial and error in the kitchen.

I want you to experience the true joy of cooking food with real, healthy, plant ingredients.

I want you to feel the joy I feel when magic is created in the kitchen.

And I want your heart to burst when you cook for your friends and family and they dance in the delight of your creations!

I want you to have this digital cookbook!

"I do indulge in pasta from time to time, and still love my sweet treats. Moderation is the key," Fi.

What's in the Cookbook

A sneak peak