Nourish You Workshop
Ladies Lunch

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Sunday 10th September, 10am – 3pm

It's time to focus on you! Our Founder, Fi, is very passionate about self care and self love and has teamed up with an amazing woman, Jane Taylor, to create a one-of-a-kind event designed to elevate you, nourish you and help you re-connect with yourself.

How often do we forget who we are?

How often do we lose site of what really makes us happy?

And how often do we take some time out just for ourselves?

We've partnered with the beautiful Jane, from Habits of Wellbeing, to create a truly heart centred workshop designed to help you find and re-connect with your centre and carve out some very special self care. The workshop will be followed by an incredible plant-based, nourishing three course lunch prepared by our Founder, Fi.



WHEN:  Sunday 10th September

TIME:     10am to 3.00pm

WHERE: Wholesome Bellies, 21 Nile Street Woolloongabba

$149 all inclusive 


What's Included:

Recharge, refresh and nourish your soul

The Day ♥

The Workshop with Jane​

In this Self-Care part of the Nourishing You Workshop, Jane will guide you through – 

  • Identifying what self-care means to you.
  • Where you are now in relation to your self-care.
  • Share 10 ways to cultivate self-care in your holistic life.
  • Discovering your next step on your self-care adventure. 
  • A 28 day self discovery ritual using Jane’s Journal (GIFTED TO YOU)

Each participant will be GIFTED with the My Self-Care Journal, which was written by Jane to help you move towards creating greater self-care in your life.   Jane will walk you through the life-changing 28 day self-care process to help you integrate the day’s learnings into your life.

The journal gifted to you as part of this workshop is a stunning collection of Janes work and her brilliant daily tips and reminders.  

Find out more about Jane HERE.


Lunch @ Wholesome Bellies

Our Founder, Fi, will delight you with an incredible three course meal – 100% plant-based and nourishing. The menu looks a bit like this 👇

  • Mushroom and white bean bruschetta
  • Green falafels with a lemon, tangy tahini sauce
  • Garlic focacia with capsicum hummus 
  • Roast vegetables with our signature green goodness dressing and baby spinach
  • Zucchini ricotta fritters 
  • Fresh berry panna cotta


Your Hosts

Fiona Anchal

Jane Taylor

Mother of two, founder of Wholesome Bellies, a plant-based cooking school and event space, Fiona’s passion is evident in her approach to great food, health and wellness.  

Wholesome Bellies was created from her passion for healthy eating and cooking. A home cook since her teens, Fiona grew up in the hospitality industry, spending most weekends at their family restaurant. And today, has created an incredible space for people to grow, learn, and feel loved and connected through her programs and plant-based recipes.  Her food is whole, heart felt and incredibly tasty and she has teamed up with so many professionals in the wellness space to bring programs of true value to people.

A performance and well being coach and mentor, Jane Taylor helps people tap into their potential, re-connect with their courage and listen to their inner wisdom.  

Jane is the Founder and Director of Habits of Wellbeing and has helped hundreds of people through her work move through where they are now to where they want to be, and as a result help people to transform and tap into their inner knowing and wisdom.

Her career is expansive, playing professional tennis up until 23, them moving in health and PE teaching and today impacting the lives of many people with her inspiring coaching and mentoring. 

Her energy is light, her personality infectious – you’ll absolutely love bathing in her energy- that’s a promise.

Jane is an ICF PPC, ICF Mentor Coach, facilitator and register teacher (M.ED ST $ BTeach/HPE Hons).

Red more about Jane HERE.