Polenta Chips Recipe

Polenta Chips

Recipes/Blog If you’re looking for a quick and easy snack that’s a healthier alternative to fried potato chips, then look no further than these flavourful polenta chips. The secret to making them extra tasty is to use instant polenta and flavour the stock you cook it in. While plain water can result in a bland

Tangy Tahini Cauliflower and Potato

Recipes/Blog Lately, I’ve been a little obsessed with tahini and the many health benefits of sesame seeds, making this dish more appealing! The best part? This dish requires only five minutes of prep time, and another five minutes to whip up the dressing while it bakes in the oven. It’s a great option for busy

Vegan Parmesan

Recipes/Blog I grew up in and Italian family, mum a chef and dairy was absolutely everywhere.  And parmesan cheese was the most used ingredient in our household.  In Italy, if you don’t eat parmesan cheese, I’m sure they’d say something’s wrong with you.  I mean, a bit like pizza and pasta, it’s a staple food.

Vegetable Pakora

Recipes/Blog Marrying into an Indian family has been an absolute blessing on so many levels.  Most importantly was the opening I received into a cuisine I had absolutely no idea about.  Growing up in an Italian family with my mum as a chef I lived and breathed Italian food (no complaints here). So when I