Brisbane Cooking Classes

Brisbane's only plant-based cooking school is here! We are one of Brisbane's best cooking schools for anyone looking to sharpen their cooking schools and searching for inspiration, fun and connection!

Have you always wanted to do a Brisbane cooking class? Have you recently been looking to broaden your culinary skills and introduce some tasty plant-based recipes to your kitchen?

We offer a huge range of cooking experiences ranging from Mediterranean cuisines such as Italian cooking classes, Moroccan cooking classes right through to Indian and Asian cooking classes such as Chinese food and Thai food. In addition, we offer a range of 'special occasion' classes such as our Christmas cooking classes, Easter classes and much more.

Our Brisbane cooking classes are 100% plant-based. So whether you are a meat eater or plant-based they are suitable for all lifestyles, because eating, healthy, whole foods is most certainly a great practice.

Our Brisbane cooking classes are very hands on and interactive with a maximum of 12 students, everyone gets to participate and create mouth-watering dishes. And that's a promise. When will you join on of our incredible cooking experiences in Brisbane.

We exist to inspire you to create wholefoods that taste incredible

What will be your next Brisbane cooking class adventure with us?

There are so many way to enjoy our Brisbane cooking classes.  We have a very extensive list of classes all working on different food genres.  Our classes are all held at our beautiful kitchen at Woolloongabba and held with no more than 12 students at one time.  You can choose from any of our classes, usually running on Friday nights, Saturdays and occasional Sundays.

As well as our group classes, why not book in a private class with your nearest and dearest.  As long as you have 10 – 12 people you can book out our entire space, choose any class you like and enjoy a private cooking class just for you.  How incredible is that.  Whether you are celebrating a special birthday, hens night, anniversary, or simply just looking for a fun night out with friends, this is such a beautiful option.  After each class you then all get to sit down and enjoy a beautiful lunch of dinner enjoying the delicious food you have prepared.

Another way to enjoy our Brisbane cooking classes is to get your work colleagues together and book Wholesome Bellies for your next team building event.  Cooking as a team is such a great way to build team spirit, get out of the office and collaborate in a new way.  And if your team is competitive, why not try our Master chef challenge. We’ll create two teams, reveal some mystery ingredients and give you two hours to create a three course dinner to impress us all.

Cooking together is such a soul nurturing thing to do.  Bring people together over food is what we do best.

Some of our incredible Cooking Class Creations

What our Brisbane Cooking Classes are like!

When you arrive at Wholesome Bellies you immediately feel at home.  Our space is warm and inviting and very spacious. With a maximum of 12 students in our space at one time, it definitely makes for a relaxing and inclusive time.  Our teachers are all experienced cooks and move through the class at a nice steady pace, ensuring all students are following along and learning.  

What makes our Brisbane cooking classes special is they way we all work together as a group.  Rather than having people work individually in small groups we work as a collective, all sharing in the cooking, enjoying a drink and lovely conversation as the same time.

The best part about our cooking classes is our beautiful community meal we enjoy after the class.  With everyone feeling relaxed by this time, and having met some new people the shared meal becomes are lovely opportunity to meet new people and connect over food.  Bringing people together over an incredible meal is really what Wholesome Bellies is all about.  To be able to go to a Brisbane cooking class, meet like mind people, and learn a few things along the way is absolutely a magical experience.

What type of classes are held at Wholesome Bellies - Brisbane Cooking School?

We have worked hard to create a wide range of cooking class genres to ensure all flavours are covered.  We always get asked which one is the best and it’s a very difficult questions to answer because each Brisbane cooking class has it’s own very special quality.  We currently run the below classes:

  • Middle Eastern
  • Moroccan
  • Chinese Banquet
  • Dumpling
  • Thai Sensations
  • Italian Summer
  • Sicilian Class
  • Summer Light and Bright
  • Gnocchi Masterclass
  • Vegan desserts
  • Mexican Feast
  • Aussie Vegan BBQ
  • Indian Thali Class
  • Classic Indian Class

In addition to our above classes we run special classes at festive times of year. This include our Christmas Masterclass and our Easter Dessert Class as well as our very popular Pasta Masterclass.  As you can see there are so many classes to choose from. The difficult part is choosing which one you will do first and then next, and next!