A thriving plant-based community

Hi, and thanks for stopping by! We are so happy to have you on our page and hopefully visiting our plant-based space and community at Woollongabba, Brisbane.

Wholesome Bellies was created in 2019 by our founder, Fiona Anchal, as a humble side hustle, teaching people how to cook simple, tasty plant-based meals. What started as a cooking class once a month has now grown into a thriving plant-based business consisting of vegan cooking classes, education seminars, vegan long table dinners, special events and so much more.

Our intention is to inspire you to fall in love with vegetables and all plant-based ingredients. Whatever stage of the plant-based journey you are at, we are here for you! And we truly mean that. No judgement.

We are all at different stages of this lifestyle and food journey. Perhaps you are just beginning to think about eating more vegetables; transitioning to plant-based and just not sure where to start. Or maybe you love meat (totally cool with that) but want to eat included more healthy plant-based foods and just don't know where to start.

Let's fall in love with vegetables!

Why visit Wholesome Bellies!

Making vegetables taste so great, you won't miss the meat.

First and foremost we are a community, spreading love of all things food, friendship, and kindness.

Wholesome Bellies is a place where you can leave your worries at the door and truly connect with yourself and other like-minded people.

At Wholesome Bellies you can hang out with us in so many many ways:

Our Vision

We see a world where people are kind.
We see a world where we move towards love, not fear.
We see a world where we support one another, not bring each other down.
We see a world of unconditional love.

Sometimes we need to create our own safe container where our vision for this world is our reality. Because out there it can feel quite big and scary. We believe the only way to move towards peace is through love.

This is our soul purpose for creating Wholesome Bellies. Our gateway to creating this nurturing community is through Fiona's love of plant based foods.

Wholesome Bellies is a beautiful space to nurture your soul, connect and be more in your heart.

Even if we create that space for you, for just a few hours, we know your heart will have expanded. We have to learn to steal blissful moments. As we collect more of these moments, in time, we can create blissful days, blissful weeks. Imagine an entire blissful month.

The world needs more love. The world needs more joy.

Our promise is to facilitate more of that. See you soon, so together we can steal more moments of bliss.

"We have to learn to steal more blissful moments."

Our food philosophy

"Be kind to yourself, remove the overwhelm and give new things a try."

We are not here to convince you to become 100% plant-based. It’s not for everyone, and we totally understand that. No judgement here, and that’s a promise.

Our focus is on encouraging you to eat more vegetables and cook more food from scratch. That’s as complicated as we get. If that means you add a few plant-based meals to your week – great! If that means once a week you make a meal from scratch – great! It’s all about progress and giving it a go.

We're all about being kind to yourself, removing the overwhelm and giving new things a try.

What we are confident about, is that we all need to eat more vegetables and fruit, we all need to eat more whole foods and less food from a packet. This is no big secret!

As a vegan establishment the use of nuts in our premises is high.  Please note that our meals may contain traces of nuts.  It’s important to let us know in writing if you have any allergies and dietary requirements.

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