A Plant-based Journey Cookbook


A Plant-based Journey E-Cookbook, by Fiona Anchal

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A plant-based journey is a 100 page digital cookbook featuring 77 recipes – all 100% plant-based, with options to add in diary if desired.

Recipes are all created by Wholesome Bellies’ Founder, Fiona Anchal, and are truly heart-felt creations designed to improve your body, mind and soul.

Fi’s philosophy is eating food in it’s most whole form, 80% of the time, with occasional zagging to enjoy some of life’s guilty pleasures.  All recipes are refined oil and sugar free, mock-meat free and using mostly vegetables and legumes in their whole form.

And for our gluten free friends, we’ve got you covered, every recipe can be gluten free simply by swapping out the flour and pasta used!  Every singly sauce, main dish, snacks is completely gluten free.  So you can confidently enjoy this book.


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This 100 page cookbook is digital and features Fi’s amazing plant-based recipes.  Over 70 to enjoy the book will keep you busy in your kitchen creating amazing dishes using whole foods.