Happy 2nd Birthday Wholesome Bellies - Divine Internention

LHow often do we pause, and take stock of who we are and where we are?  We’re always in a rush to do more, be more!  I know I’m guilty of that too!  Here’s the thing, for me, Wholesome Bellies was never about doing more or having more – it was something that flowed through me, some sort of divine intervention.  I just found myself here and to this day I still ask myself how I got here! 

Two years ago, we opened our space at Woolloongabba, no business plan and no concrete strategy on what this was to be.  Just a deep inner knowing that allowed me to open the doors. 

When I began setting up our space, I wasn’t exactly sure what it would be, and to be honest, it’s still evolving.  What I do know is that from the very beginning I envisioned a space that would nourish the mind and the soul. And what a journey it’s been. I think we’ve done that so far.   

To everyone that has been an incredible part of this journey, I appreciate you and thank you.  It’s your support, your laughter, your curiosity, and your love that has made these two years possible and so incredibly fulfilling. 

The essence of Wholesome Bellies has always been fun, inspiring, and welcoming.  We threw open our doors to everyone, with open arms and total acceptance.  It’s this inclusive personality that has allowed us to build such a beautiful community around the shared love of food and healthy living.

Our passion for cooking and creating delicious plant-based recipes, from scratch, grows stronger with every meal we cook.  We are bringing together like-minded people, sharing stories, and it’s been beautiful watching it unfold.  We can talk for hours on end about food and health, it’s conversation that never gets old.  It’s a language that brings people together, fosters true connection and ignites creativity.

As we celebrate this milestone, I can’t help but think of all the wonderful humans – yes, I’m talking about you – that have graced our space with their energy, stories, and passion and become a part of our extended family. 

Then there’s our incredible team.  I’m truly blessed to work with equally passionate foodies and chefs. To be surrounded by people you love at work is another blessing.  I am biased, but I do have the best team around me.  Together, we’ve created a space where learning is joyful, where healthy living is a shared passion and where friendships and true connections are forged over our common love for amazing food. There can be no greater gift than this.

I will continue to build this community with my team, I will continue to welcome new and old friends with open arms, and I will continue to grow this business from a heart centered place, so that we can all be a part of something meaningful and magical.  From my heart to yours, thank you!

Some pics below of our time so far at Wholesome Bellies.