It’s Monday, early morning, the kids and hubby are asleep, the house is quiet, the birds are chirping and another brand new week is upon us. Mondays have always been my absolute favourite day of the week. There’s something that excites me about waking up on a Monday. Perhaps it’s the thrill of a new week and what’s to come, the chance to do it all over again, or maybe it’s that my heart is full after such a fulfilling weekend. Either way, I’m thrilled it’s Monday today.

I have just floated through an absolutely magical weekend. It was a mix of family, friends and nature, with one common theme – food. We arrived home Saturday mid-morning after watching my 6-year-old play futsal (another weekly highlight) and I popped on my apron ready for a marathon kitchen cooking session. A bunch of our dearest friends, known as The Good Time Gang, were coming for dinner and I was busting to get into the kitchen and try out some new dishes I’d made up in my head that week.

That night we feasted on tomato bruschetta, vegan meatball fettucine, roast fennel and cauliflower, zoodles (zucchini noodles) with pistachio and spinach pesto, homemade rocky road and a hazelnut chocolate mousse cake. It was epic.

We sat around the table from around 5 pm and the food and wine flowed effortlessly. There was constant chatter, storytelling, loads of laughter, dancing, and a bit of karaoke. I floated from the kitchen to the table, as we continued to feast, and at that moment, there was no place on earth I wanted to be.

What bought us together that night was food. As I immerse myself into writing my first cookbook, sharing my recipes and food with family and friends is the greatest gift. It’s what brings me the most joy, it’s what makes my heart sing. Food is a huge connector of the soul. Regardless of your food beliefs sharing a meal, at a table, without any distractions, is one of life’s most simple pleasures.

That night we also feasted on love and gratitude. Grateful that we have such wonderful friends and family, grateful that we get to eat three nourishing meals a day, grateful that we have a roof over our head, grateful that we have a warm bed to snuggle into each night, and grateful that we wake up every morning healthy and loved.

This morning, I am most grateful that the sun is shining and I get to live another day.

It is a privilege to live this life.