Last weekend was a perfect example of what it means to feel full, unconditional love.  And it really was magical.   I said “Yes” a few months ago to a Vegan Italian Foodies Retreat in The Mornington Peninsula.  I was drawn to it instantly and couldn’t think of a better way to spend a weekend.   I had no idea what I was in for, I just knew food, women, and a weekend away was a recipe for success.

From the moment we entered the home, I instantly felt warmth and love. I knew I was in the right place. Our host, Nadia, greeted us with her kind-hearted smile and warm embrace. The house was homely, and I could smell the food wafting through the home.   

As each guest arrived, we greeted each other at the front door as though we were long lost, friends. We’d never met and yet it felt like a reunion.

Eight women, complete strangers, in a shared house, eating together and hanging out in tracksuits by day and pyjamas by night with endless chatter and laughter. It really is the perfect girl’s weekend away. 

As we shared our first meal, we shared a bit about ourselves. It became apparent just how different we all were and yet how
similar we were. A paradox really.

We were all there for one reason – to share our love of food.  And we all had our own food memories, our food preferences and journey.  But what we all came looking for was connection.  To connect with ourselves, and to connect with other humans.  And food is such a great connector.

Life truly is a magnificent gift, taking us on a journey we’d never dreamed of.  When we carve out time, find stillness, and remove all judgment and labels, we can slip into love and kindness. And when we look into the eyes of another soul, we see a reflection of ourselves and realise that we are all one.

We laughed, we cried, we danced, and we talked; really talked.

My heart is a whole lot fuller, my soul a little calmer and my life more purposeful. 

Thank you, Nadia.   And thank you, girls, for showing up, with an open heart and mind, and giving us all of you!  Your light shines brightly.