The Universal Love Language

Food is a universal love language.  It’s why only a year ago I shifted gears completely and had a career change, deciding that I wanted to share the magic of food. It really did move me from a desire to find a new career, to what I now call “my calling in life.”  

Food is important.

Food allows us to pass down family traditions and celebrate them with others. It invites people into your home and your heart.  For me, it’s the one thing I can truly gift to others with a heartfelt smile and appreciation.  

I remember as a child in my teenage years, my parents would make us rush home from high school to enjoy a family sit down dinner at 4.00pm. As they owned a restaurant, with my mum as the chef, this was our only opportunity to enjoy a meal together.  At times I resented my parents.  All my friends were catching up after school and I wasn’t privy to that social life. We didn’t miss a single family dinner. There was no negotiating out of it.   

Today, as a grown woman in my 40s, I’m so grateful to my parents for laying a solid foundation for me and my family.  I value a home cooked meal more then a warm shower after a hard day.  I have a true sense of what it means to enjoy a home cooked meal in unity, the importance of conversation, connection and the love associated with food.


In my family, sitting down to enjoy a meal is also a non-negotiable. We are fortunate that our lifestyle allows us to enjoy dinner together.  To be honest, it’s my favourite time of the day.


Our world can be crazy, things are faster than ever, and we are losing site of what it means to truly connect and relate to each other on a deeper level. 


Once you brush away all of the superficial things that we accumulate and begin to prioritise those that are important, it is remarkable to see that everyone shares similar values.  Ultimately, it all boils down to family, health, companionship, meaningful work, how we treat others and how they treat us. 

Unfortunately, people tend to get caught up in those material things that feed our desires outside of the foundations of a living a good life, a whole-hearted life.