Nonna, che cosa si mangia oggi?

Nonna, what are we eating today? On a usual Saturday morning in my teens, Nonna was up early, making home made pasta.  My Nonna, Delia, lived with us, and as a young girl my memories of her circle around food. Her specialty was ciriole, a hand-made thick, spaghetti-like pasta.   Lunch at the table was a

Vegan Carbonara

Recipes/Blog Carbonara sauce is one of those non-vegan delights. It’s a dish I enjoyed before moving towards a whole-foods, plant-based diet. There was something so divine about the saltiness and egg flavoured, creamy sauce. A true Italian cook wouldn’t classify this recipe as Italian. In fact, I think most Italians would think this recipe is

Broccoli Pasta

Recipes/Blog My kids love pasta, so combining it with broccoli is a winning combination. Raising vegetarian kids means I’m always looking at ways to add more vegetables to their meals. Even though they are thriving as vegetarians, their vegetable repertoire isn’t vast yet. I think it’s just a kid thing right! Broccoli is one vegetable

Spaghetti with Roast Cauliflower and Tomato

Recipes/Blog I’ve grown to love cauliflower over the last couple of years. As I kid I remember my mum trying so hard to get me to eat it and I just thought it was horrible. I totally underestimated this vegetable. For vegans, it’s a magical ingredient. Use it to make vegan bechamel, it’s an alternative