Starts Saturday 7th September (2 alternate Saturdays)

Are you feeling like you need a bit of inspiration in the kitchen? Are you looking for some new and exciting plant-based recipes to try?

If you’re nodding yes, then this is the course for you.  Over two full Saturdays, we will take a deep dive into the world of plant-based eating, teaching you all the basics, how to use exciting new ingredients, making sure you get all the protein, fats and carbs you need to sustain a plant-based lifestyle.  Our group is capped at 12 people and you will be working in smaller groups of three or four to ensure you get a hands on experience.  

Some of the reasons why this course is incredible.

🌱 Discover new and exciting plant-based recipes

🌱 Learn essential cooking skills

🌱 Get expert advice and guidance from our experienced teacher, Fi

🌱 Connect with like-minded people in a supportive and welcoming environment

🌱 Enjoy delicious, nutritious meals that are good for you and the plan

The Program

"Eating should be easy and enjoyable – not the cause of guilt, stress and anxiety," Kiah

Our Founder, Fi, runs this program and has created an epic lineup, laced with informative content, plant-based nutritional information, loads of recipes and plant-based cooking hacks.

This course will arm you with all the tools you need to confidently enjoy a plant-based lifestyle. Whether you are already plant-based or vegan and are looking for some inspiration and grow your knowledge. Or possibly, you are curious and want to enjoy more plant-based meals. Need that guidance? Then this is your course.

What's is the program

Who is this course for?

And the list goes on.... This course if suitable for so many people, and the healthy, vibrant food we create is absolutely divine!

The fine details

We start on Saturday 7th September. All cooking classes commence at 10am at Wholesome Bellies. Finish by 4pm with each student to take home recipes and enjoy a full lunch after the morning class. You will also take home your dinner!

Class Dates

Week 1 – Saturday 7th September, 10am – 4pm
Week 2 – Saturday 14th September, 10am – 4pm

"I do indulge in pasta from time to time, and still love my sweet treats. Moderation is the key," Fi.


Below we outline the four in-person cooking classes and what we’ll be cooking.  We aim to stick to these recipes, depending on seasonal ingredients.  You will all have an opportunity to cook the dishes.  We will work in small groups of three to four at each station making one of everything so you have plenty of food to enjoy on the evening as well as take home.  


  • Four cooking workshops with take home food and full dinner –  valued at $750
  • Unlimited tea and coffee and morning tea – valued at $75
  • Recipes, workbook, cookbook – valued at $99
  • WB apron and tote bag- valued at $60
  • Added value – access to Fiona during the course via email
  • Added value – unlimited tea and coffee
Total value = $1059


$599 per person 

Payment plan available.  Please email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you with some payment options.
"I recently had the pleasure of completing the cooking course at Wholesome Bellies, and I can't say enough good things about it. The classes were not only informative but also fun, and Fiona's expertise and guidance were invaluable.

Fiona's passion for health and wellness is evident in every aspect of the course, and her commitment to changing the health of others and the world one meal at a time is truly inspiring. She was always available to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer practical tips for incorporating healthy habits into our daily lives.

The course covered a wide range of topics, from nutrition to efficient meal preparation and each class was engaging and interactive. I loved the practical strategies and tips Fiona shared, which have helped me make positive changes in my own life.

Overall, I highly recommend the course at Wholesome Bellies to anyone looking to improve their health and wellbeing. Fiona's knowledge, passion, and commitment to changing the world for the better make her an exceptional teacher and coach. Thank you, Fiona, for all that you do!"
"This is an innovative and hugely practical course. Both Fiona and Kiah have open minds and a very accepting manner with all members of the group. I first had contact with Wholesome Bellies through a cooking retreat last September, an event my sister and I thoroughly enjoyed. This reset has been an opportunity to continue my journey into plant based cooking and it has been very important to me to have the support of a dietician along the way. I have leant a lot, and enjoyed the company of people from all walks of life. Thank you both"
"I just completed the cooking course. I started my plant based journey almost 12 months ago and I learned so much helpful information from the cooking classes which were amazing. It was also great to meet people who are on the same food journey as me. The course was great value and I will be coming back to do future classes. Fiona is so lovey."

About Fiona

Hi, I’m Fi, a home cook since my teens, I grew up in the hospitality industry, spending most weekends at our family restaurant. My mum was the head chef and I was surrounded by incredible cooks.

 My intention is to inspire you to fall in love with vegetables and learn how to transform plants into mouth-watering, unbelievable meals your friends and family will keep coming back for.

It was in 2007 when my philosophy around food and health took a sharp turn. The sudden passing of my father from a heart attack, prompted me to question everything about health. I couldn’t understand why my healthy, 60-year old father was taken from us so early. Six months after his passing, I was at Unleash the Power, a Tony Robbins event, and the last day of the seminar was all about health and vitality. People talk about those life changing moments; those light bulb moments, where something major shifts inside them. That’s the best way I can describe that day.

I left that seminar with a whole new outlook on health and well being and dove deep into vegetarianism and a plant-based lifestyle. I slowly moved towards a wholefoods diet, removing meat, seafood, dairy, refined sugars and flours. I learned the healing power of plants and the importance of eating food as close to its whole form.

Over the past 13 years I have continued to educate myself around plant-based eating. I’ve re-created so many traditional recipes my mum taught me to suit my eating preferences. I’ve created new flavours and experimented with ingredients that were once foreign to me. Today, my diet is predominately plant-based. I occasionally have dairy. I do indulge in refined pasta and flours from time to time, and still love my sweet treats.

Together with my husband, we are raising our two children (now 8 and 10) 95% plant-based, with the inclusion of some dairy and eggs. Our family thrives as a predominantly plant-based tribe.<

"This is the best thing I have done for my health in years! Wow - first word that comes to mind in this great offering. I am now on my own rewarding food journey. I have learned how to cook but really cook! This is not like following a recipe from a book - Fiona gives you so many hand on tips to create the tastiest food. It's so tasty my family have stopped asking "where's the meat"! Fiona shows you how to do everything and what to use - I love that as a group we make meals and then take them home. Give yourself this gift that keeps on giving, can't recommend this course enough.... See you in the kitchen!"