Cooking Classes


Inspired by the incredible flavours of Morocco, this epic, plant-based cooking class will have you coming back for more. We’ll learn to make a Moroccan inspired feast, cook together in a small, intimate group and then sit down and enjoy our delicious banquet.  In this class we’ll learn to make, from scratch, four dishes (all plant-based) as well as home made flat bread.

The Menu

  • A spiced roast cauliflower salad, served on a bed of hummus and topped with almonds.

  • Roast dutch carrots served with baba ganoush

  • Israeli Couscous with roast vegetables (or wild rice for gluten free)

  • Eggplant and chick pea stew

  • Home made flat bread

This is a hands on class limited to eight people, so be sure to get in quick. 

If you require gluten free please advise as the class can be adapted to suit gluten free diet.


Gnocchi is an absolute favourite dish for so many, and getting the texture and flavour right can be a bit tricky.  

There isn’t a better way to spend a Sunday morning, cooking and feasting on gnocchi.   In this class we’ll learn how to make a three variations of gnocchi and three pasta sauces – all 100% plant-based.

And we’ll even whip up an almond, chocolate tart to indulge in after our gnocchi party.

The Menu

  • Spinach gnocchi with a creamy mushroom carbonara sauce
  • Classic gnocchi with a classic tomato and basil sauce
  • Sweet potato gnocchi with a roast tomato and garlic sauce
  • Chocolate almond tart

This is a hands on class limited to eight people, so be sure to get in quick.  Unfortunately this class can’t be catered for gluten free.



Born into and Italian family, with my mum as the chef in our family restaurant, cooking Italian food has always been my passion and come so naturally for me.  And then, rewind 17 years and I married into an Indian family, where my mother-in-law was the cook at their Indian take-away restaurants.  It seemed food was my destiny.

I’m excited to bring this first ever class to you, as I share my mother-in-laws recipes, handed down several generations.  It’s an absolute privilege to bring these recipes to life with my vegan spin.  

The Menu

  • Potato and cauliflower pakora with coriander chutney
  • Coconut broccoli and lentil dhal
  • Chole currry (chick pea)
  • Roast potato and cauliflower subji
  • Home made roti bread
  • Basmati rice


Breaking away from the traditional egg home made pasta, this class will leave you amazed with what’s possible with plant based ingredients.

We’ll create incredible home made vegan pasta.  As a team we will create three types of pasta and three pasta sauces.

The Menu

  • Ravioli filled with vegan ricotta and spinach, served with a class napoli and basil sauce
  • Farfalle “bow pasta” with a roast cauliflower sauce
  • Fusilli with a walnut and lentil bolognese

This is a hands on class limited to eight people, so be sure to get in quick. 


The Menu

  • Tomato and olive arancini balls
  • Polenta chips with spicy tomato sauce
  • Zucchini ravioli with vegan ricotta
  • Chocolate espresso cake

Italian food is my absolute passion – it’s what comes natural to me.  I’ve been working on this class for some time to come up with what I believe to be the best combination of Italian meals jam packed into one class.  

We’ll work together to create some incredible Italian food, using recipes from my mother and grandmother, with a vegan twist.  This class is a true feast with entree, main and dessert.

This class is Gluten free.


this class in one of my all time favourites.  Learn to create healthy, wholefood recipes that are nourishing, full of flavour and can be served to anybody with ultimate success.

This class is about using whole-food incredible ingredients with loads of flavour to create light meals that will make you feel healthier and and brighter.  And if you’ve over indulged lately and looking for some new healthy recipe ideas, this class is perfect to get some healthy mealy options into your weekly repertoire.

This class is gluten free too and completely plant-based.

The Menu

  • Vegan ricotta and zucchini fritters
  • Roast vegetable and quinoa salad
  • Kale and roast Moroccan chick pea salad
  • Lentil and brown rice salad
  • Smashed pea and mint bruschetta
  • Lemon polenta cake


I’m so excited to bring this incredible vegan dessert class to you.  There are so many incredible vegan desserts available without missing the diary and refined sugar.  In fact, I believe vegan desserts just taste so much better!

This class is ideal for someone that loves desserts and looking for some easy desserts to create at home or impress your friends and family with.

My classes are for all levels as all recipes are simple, using only a few key ingredients.  Why complicate life 🙂

Before we tuck into our dessert feast I’ll provide a simple light lunch.  This class is also gluten free.

The Menu

  • Orange and almond cake with raspberries
  • Chocolate hazelnut mousse cake
  • Classic vegan choc chip cookies
  • Mixed berry mini tarts