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Welcome to Plantz Ready Meals, a division of Wholesome Bellies, designed to give you back time and take the stress away from mealtime.

We all lead busy lives, and it can be hard to make changes to our diet and lifestyle, even when we really want to. Whether you’re a committed plant-eater or want to start trying more plant-based options, Plantz Ready Meals from Wholesome Bellies has the solution for you. Our ready-made meals are convenient, affordable, and unbelievably tasty.


How it works


How to enjoy your meals

All meals come with very clear instructions on how to heat and serve. Some meals can be re-heated in the microwave, some meals are best heated in a saucepan and some cooked in the oven.

There are options so that you can choose what suits you best.

With many of our meals, we suggest cooking a side of grains to enjoy with your meal. We have lots of grain options that you can add to your cart (or simply cook what you have at home). We know many meal companies add the cooked rice or other grain to your curry and cook your pasta for you.

Our philosophy is about quality and fresh food and we truly believe cooking your grains and pasta fresh is the tastiest and best option.

View our other grocery items you can add to your order:



All meals are made in our commercial kitchen in Brisbane. We can deliver to all areas in Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast.

Your food will be delivered in an insulated box with ice-packs to ensure you food stays fresh if you are not at home at time of delivery.

Meals are delivered on Wednesdays and Thursdays every second fortnight and an email/text will be sent to confirm delivery date and approximate time.

Orders must be placed online by midnight Sunday for delivery the following week. Once you've ordered with us, we will always send you a reminder email to ensure you don't miss the next delivery date. No pressure to order, just a gentle reminder because we all get busy.

Delivery for orders over $99



Ipswich & Gold Coast

Delivery for orders over $199



Ipswich & Gold Coast


Meal sizes and Pricing

All meals are individually portioned, meaning that you only heat up what you need. Some nights the whole family is home, and other nights it may be just you!

Our meals are sized at 350 grams and our pasta sauces 180 grams.

We can make some meals family size, such as lasagna. Check out the options when choosing your meals.

Pricing range from $8.50 to $13.50 for each individual meal.

To custom order larger sizes for entertaining and parties please email us at to discuss your needs.



All Plantz Ready meals are plant-based, with fresh ingredients sourced locally. We use the best quality ingredients and don’t take short cuts. Our meals are truly home-made quality, and put together with love, every time.

You can opt of 100% vegan meals or choose dairy if that is your preference – we don’t discriminate.

When choosing your meals simply select vegan or dairy from the drop down on your order form.

All meals are egg free. All meals can be made gluten free, simply select gluten-free when ordering.

Please note that we cook in a facility with nuts and gluten. Whilst we do our best to not contaminate, there may be traces of gluten and nuts.

Each month we change our meals, giving you plenty of variety and the option to try new things. Pick your favourites from the menu, with a minimum order value of $99.




How to Order

Meals are made fortnightly so you can order once a month or twice a month. Once you place your first order, we’ll keep your details on file and send you a gentle reminder each fortnight.

To view the meals for this month or order click on ORDER NOW – you can see all the meals and pricing on this form.

To place an order, fill out the form, enter your credit card details, click on submit and we’ll do the rest.

Please note below our delivery dates and deadlines for October and November: Delivery Thursday 28th October Submit order by Sunday 24th October

Delivery Thursday 11th November Submit order by Sunday 7th November

Delivery Thursday 25th November Submit order by Sunday 21st November

VIP only

Plantz Ready Meals is set to launch October 2021. We are so excited to help you with all your meal needs. We will be launching in October to small group of clients initially, and then opening up later in the year to take on more clients. If you are interested in our meals, register here to receive a personal email when we are ready to service you

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