Ramblings from a 40 something year old woman

Ramblings from a 40 something year old woman I woke up this morning feeling rather determined.  I wake up motivated most mornings but today something different stirred inside of me.  You see, I’ve been slowing growing (and not because I’m pregnant 😊).  Let’s be honest, I’m growing because I can’t stop eating.  I’ve blamed Covid-19,

It Really Was Magical

IT REALLY WAS MAGICAL Last weekend was a perfect example of what it means to feel full, unconditional love.  And it really was magical.   I said “Yes” a few months ago to a Vegan Italian Foodies Retreat in The Mornington Peninsula.  I was drawn to it instantly and couldn’t think of a better way to

Food, Friends and Family

FOOD, FRIENDS AND FAMILY It’s Monday, early morning, the kids and hubby are asleep, the house is quiet, the birds are chirping and another brand new week is upon us. Mondays have always been my absolute favourite day of the week. There’s something that excites me about waking up on a Monday. Perhaps it’s the

When you lose yourself in something….

I spent my Friday morning in the kitchen creating new recipes as I do every Friday, and this particular morning as I wiped the bench a wave of deep emotion and gratitude moved over me. I remained paralysed at the bench and my eyes welled with tears. What is going on I asked myself? I sat with it and let myself feel this emotion. And then as quickly as it came it left and I was left with a deep sense of gratitude. I get to spend every Friday doing what brings me joy, what fills my soul and nourishes my heart.

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