Spaghetti alla Fi Fi I’m guessing by now you know I’m a little obsessed with pasta.  Most of my pasta

Vegan Ricotta INGREDIENTS 1 pack of firm tofu – 200 grams 3 cloves of garlic 1 cup of raw cashews

IT REALLY WAS MAGICAL Last weekend was a perfect example of what it means to feel full, unconditional love.  And

Lentil and Potato Dhal Before I met my now-husband, which was about 22 years ago I’d never explored the world

Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse Torte I confess – I’m a chocolate addict. Anyone with me here? I eat it every day.

My intention today was to make a classic vegan pesto. I was making a tomato bruschetta for dinner and wanted

FOOD, FRIENDS AND FAMILY It’s Monday, early morning, the kids and hubby are asleep, the house is quiet, the birds

Raspberry Coulis This one is super quick and easy. It’s such a great healthy sweet treat. Pour over yoghurt, pancakes,

Banana Pancakes Do you remember as a kid, there was something special about weekend breakfasts? With all the time in